Quaystone Prayer

We believe that prayer is crucial to our very existence. Prayer is basically a conversation with God and whatever He has to say to us must be worth hearing!



Prayer is about touching the heart of God. It brings joy and delight, fulfilment and satisfaction, security and protection. We believe that prayer is key for us to gain more understanding of God. We believe God answers prayer in many different ways.

All of our imperfections are made perfect in Christ Jesus, and we can only draw closer to him through a life of prayer. At Quaystone we know that without making prayer central to the life of the church, we will only accomplish a fraction of what God is calling us to do on the Island. Quaystone seeks to align our prayers with the will of God so that His power and love will be experienced across the Isle of Dogs.

Quaystone also currently meets for prayer and fellowship breakfast at the ASDA cafe on Friday mornings. This is often followed by a prayer walk around the island.

Please contact the church office for more information. There is also a prayer meeting at lunch time on Mondays at Island House.


Quaystone Church,
Island House Community Centre,
Roserton Street,
E14 3PG

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 531 0326

Email: admin@quaystone.org or pastor@quaystone.org

Due to COVID19, we are currently not gathering together in our normal premises.
We are meeting together in an interactive service on Zoom every Sunday at 10:45am. Please use passcode 181020 when prompted.

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