Get Involved

"The reason Jesus calls us to servanthood is not just because other people need our service. It is because of what happens to us when we serve."
John Ortberg        

No church in the world can survive, let alone thrive, without a heart of service amongst its members. After Jesus stunned the disciples with a remarkable demonstration of servant leadership, washing and drying their feet, he told them -

           Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. (John 13:17)
Jesus knew that we are wired to find true fulfilment, not in sitting back and watching others, but in contributing to the life of the church. And God has designed all of us with abilities and passions which complement each other, and help us to grow. To be a member at Quaystone is to serve. towels

You want to feel fulfilled? There is no shortage of things to do, so grab a towel and let’s go!

Areas of service include -
  • Worship Team - we are always on the look-out for people with a passion for worship and a talent for music
  • Quaystone Youth, Quaystone Kids and Quaystone Tots - make a difference to the future of the church
  • Sunday set-up & PA - be a part of what makes our Sunday gatherings tick!
  • Welcome and Refreshments - help make sure that visitors and members feel appreciated
  • Website - help to create an excellent on-line presence for Quaystone
  • FinAd - help the Finance and Administration team with some of the practical matters of running a church

If you can help in any of these areas, please contact the Church Office.
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