Sunday Gatherings

Every Sunday morning, at 11am, the church gathers at Island House Community Centre, Roserton Street. Our focus is to worship together, encourage each other and learn from Scripture.

heart of worship thetnt "We can have all the right techniques and methods, we can have the best possible liturgy, but we have not worshipped the Lord until spirit touches spirit.”

Richard Foster

Our goal in worship is to experience the presence of God, express our adoration to Him and allow Him to change us. And as we study the Bible together, we find wisdom for living, as we apply its timeless truths to our daily lives.

The Sunday Gathering is Quaystone’s most important meeting, and a key part of why we are here. There is a special programme for children and a creche is also provided.



Part of the purpose of God in putting us together in churches is that we can be a support, encouragement, and family to each other. Recently we tried out a new style of Sunday morning where instead of the usual service style we met together for brunch, to share the Lord's Supper and to spend time together just talking about our lives and what God is doing with and for us right now. This went down really well and we intend to start doing it on a regular basis. Contact the church office to see when our next brunch is.

We usually try to do a Selah on the same Sunday as the brunch so that we don't lose out on that opportunity to praise, worship and adore with others. See below for Selah!



We also meet about once a month on Sunday evenings for an informal time of prayer and worship called "Selah". Contact the church office for details of our next meeting.

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