Quaystone Leaders and Trustees


The leadership team at Quaystone are also the Managing Trustees as we are a registered charity. In addition to their legal responsibilities as trustees they have responsibility for praying about and considering vision for the future development of the life of the church. The leaders also prepare the agenda for the regular meetings of the members of the church where all major decisions are made. 

Val Pyper

val pyper 2017 Val Pyper graduated from Spurgeon’s College with a B.Th (Bachelor of Theology) and was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 2008. She is married to Jon with two grown-up children.

Both Val and Jon did not become Christians until 1990 (seven years after they were married) through attending ‘Adeyfield Free Church’, a United Reformed Church in Hemel Hempstead. Val originally trained as a hairdresser and Jon often quips that nothing has really changed as she still believes in the ‘hair and the hair-after’.

Feeling Gods call on their lives, the family moved to Cambridgeshire and attended a Bible College run by evangelist Peter Gammons in 1995. At the same time, they started attending ‘Somersham Baptist Church’ and both Val and Jon served on the leadership team. In 2005 Val applied to Spurgeon’s College and was accepted to join its
 ‘Church based’ programme.  She became the Student Minister of ‘Little Kimble Free Church’ later that same year. The Baptist church in Buckinghamshire is VERY rural. Fields surround the Church building and sheep and horses peer over the fence to greet the congregation as they arrive.

The move to become the Minister of Quaystone in Sept 2016 appears to be a big step from a rural environment to the somewhat busier lifestyle in the Isle of Dogs but Val explains it simply. “I love to talk to folk and ‘people are just people’ wherever you are. I would love all those I meet to seek and find Jesus for themselves. Quaystone is a church where smiles are not left at the door and the services are modern, warm and friendly. We seek to welcome and encourage anyone who wants to come and meet us.”

Vals hobbies include cross-stitch, reading and did we mention meeting people?

Frances Buontempo

Frances Frances is currently the editor of ACCU's [Overload magazine][1] and can program her way out of a [paper bag][2] in various ways including [genetic algorithms][3], [particle swarm optimisation][4] and Monte-Carlo simulations of [diffusion][5]. She's been programming in various languages for nearly two decades.

Frances has been at Quaystone since 2008 and sometimes helps out with the youth work. Frances is married to Steve and would be now Dr Love had she
changed her name. They have a cat called Vim. She became a Christian at the age of 17 due to friends involve with Christian Union.

[1]: http://accu.org/index.php/journal/overload_by_cover
[2]: http://accu.org/content/conf2013/paper_bag_certificate.JPG
[3]: http://accu.org/var/uploads/journals/Overload118.pdf
[4]: http://accu.org/index.php/journals/2023
[5]: http://accu.org/index.php/conferences/accu_conference_2015/accu2015_sessions#how


Rob Lambden

RL-Square Rob has lived on the Isle of Dogs for nearly 25 years and he runs his own business also based here on the Island. He has been a part of Quaystone church since 2000 and is currently the longest serving member of the leadership team. He is married to Ruth and has two sons. 



Darren Southworth

Darren has been a Christian for over 23 years and been a committed member of Quaystone for the past 10 years. 
He is Creative Director of a Creative Branding & Graphic Design Agency and has a passion for clear communication and brand awareness.
He is married to the lovely Michaela and they have small two boys, Nathan and Samuel who are obsessed with tubes, trains and buses (very lucky we live by the Isle of Dogs). 
He is a worship leader and has previously organised youth events, managed bands and run weekly rock nights. His spare time is filled by renovating their very old house  — one day it will be finished!!
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