Quaystone starts here.

Quaystone started life in 1991, with a vision to build a new church to reach the Island. The church met at the Docklands Settlement Centre, before recently moving to Island House Community Centre.

We have always been passionate about showing others the love of God in practical ways, so you will often find us out and about, serving the communities on the Island. Although few in number, we always aim high, knowing that God is on our side, and that "the local church is the hope for the world" (Bill Hybels). Quaystone is committed to working with other churches to change lives in Tower Hamlets, and we have strong links with many other organisations.


Quaystone has an international flavour, with many nationalities represented. Our goal is to bring together people from every community on the Island - in fact, we believe that the message of Christ is the only one which is powerful enough to create true unity. "In Christ's family there can be no division" (Gal 3:28).


We have a clear idea of why we are here, and we try to link all our activities to those key goals. Check out the variety of weekly activities that make up church life. We hope you will find a friendly welcome at Quaystone soon!





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